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We offer you a variety of professional services, covering the technical areas necessary to meet the goals set.

Development of capacities for the provision of services, acquisition of goods and construction of industrial, civil, mechanical, instrumentation and maintenance works; comprehensive logistics services, among others, for the energy industry, such as oil, gas, electricity, petrochemicals, etc.

Provision of consulting services and professional and technical advice. Structuring of business models and plans, as well as development of financial and commercial resources.

Exercise representations of national or foreign companies, be they manufacturers, operators or distributors, of their know-how, certifications and licenses of materials and equipment.

Procurement and supply of consumer goods of all kinds in its development area, through the purchase, sale, rental, distribution and operation.

Supply of specialized personnel, managerial, administrative, worker, etc.

Logistics to satisfy the transport of personnel and/or materials and equipment, inside and outside the national territory, either by river, sea or air, through own, rented or chartered vehicles.

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