Let us introduce ourselves

MARBOL ENERGY, C.A. is a Venezuelan company, born in the heart of the Orinoco Oil Belt, made up of a team of professionals with extensive experience in the development of the energy sector and other areas of the productive sector. that give it a highly qualified human support.
MARBOL ENERGY, C.A. arose to provide quality services to its clients, associates, allies and related parties, and is able to provide adequate support in the identification and development of business opportunities in all their manifestations, both nationally and internationally.

Representations to national and international companies

Professional and technical consulting and advisory services.

Procurement and supply of consumer goods of all kinds.

We have all the tools to carry out energy projects of any scale

We have our clear goals


The mission of MARBOL ENERGY, C.A. is to assist in its sphere of influence, both for the public and private sectors, in the structuring and consolidation of projects oriented to the activity of the energy industry and other related productive sectors.


MARBOL ENERGY, C.A. has the strategic vision of becoming a nationally and internationally recognized organization for its excellent standards of quality, responsibility and professionalism in the provision of its services; the integral development of its personnel and related parties and an adequate policy of Corporate Social Responsibility.


At MARBOL ENERGY, C.A. We promote values ​​and principles that enhance business conduct, among which we can highlight:

Integrity. At MARBOL ENERGY, C.A. we believe that integrity is the highest sum of many values ​​such as honesty, loyalty, ethics, rectitude, nobility, respect and fraternity, all of these highest virtues whose practice we claim in our organization.

Responsibility: At MARBOL ENERGY, C.A. we always try to serve our clients and related parties with a broad professional sense, satisfying their needs with a deep sense of responsibility, accompanying them with probity, commitment and dedication.

Efficiency: At MARBOL ENERGY, C.A. we provide quality services, with highly qualified personnel capable of generating solutions in an efficient and timely manner for the benefit of our clients.