We are a company focused on the development of capacities, the provision of services, the acquisition of goods and construction and maintenance of works, for the oil, gas and other energy sources industry, in its phases of exploration, exploitation, transportation, refining. , improvement, commercialization and distribution, thus contributing to the harmonious and sustainable development of the nation.

Consulting and advice

We provide consultancy, advice and monitoring from the conception of the project to its execution and start-up.


We support the supply of machinery, tools, equipment, and consumer goods of all kinds in your development area.

Staff supply

We have specialized personnel, managerial, administrative, worker, etc., fully willing to support the projects.

We develop a vision

Our services are designed to achieve objectives and meet the proposed goals together.

We promote values ​​and principles that enhance business conduct.


We comply with all the services we provide with responsibility, professional ethics and excellence.

Adquisition of equipments.

Construction of industrial works.

Professional and technical consulting and advisory services.

Structuring models and business plans.

Exercise representations of national or foreign companies.

Procurement and supply of consumer goods.

Each client will receive our maximum dedication, commitment and professionalism.